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The Carey Surname  ~
CAREY (m) From the Irish surname Ó Ciardha
Ó Ciardha, which means "descendent of Ciardha". Ciardha means "dark" in Gaelic. So Carey actually means Children of the Dark.
Early Celts practiced various forms of pagan religions, from Druidism to Celtic Shamanism. Most of these spiritual religions followed lunar calendars, and conducted their rituals and ceremonies during the night, typically beginning at sunset. So it's not a big leap to see the Ó Ciardha as a prominent pagan family or clan.
The Carey Etymology
Clan Kildare TartanThe name Carey in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic O'Ciardha Sept* who were located in County Kildare. The name is now widespread but most common in the Province of Munster. The name was also brought to the country by Anglo settlers and variants include Keary, O'Ciarain, O'Ceirin and even Curran.
The Carey's are part of the Clan Kildare, and are associated with the Kildare tartan.
The family motto ' Sine Macula ' meaning - Without Blemish, is found on the family's crest.

* Sept - a clan or subdivision of a clan, as in ancient Ireland and Scotland
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