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Family Recipes
Everyone has memories of going home to a house filled with the aroma of grandma's cooking. Baking cakes and bread for holiday dinners. Summers that brought about cooking fruit for jellies and jams. And early falls with canning or freezing vegetables. My paternal grandmother was just such a person. Unfortunately my sisters and I waited to long to get all her recipes. But a few have been passed on, along with a few of our own. So here are our family recipes, from the Carey, Stoots, Holland and Hartsell clans. I hope you like them.
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     Maw Stoots' Got The Blues Brew .
     Maw Stoots' Rum Out A Cold .
     GrandMa Great's Hot Toddy Cold Remedy
     Old Time Apple Cider Artery Cleaner .
     Traditional Strawberry Daiquiri .
     Kentucky Bourbon Balls .
     Garrett's Cheese Straws .
     Vickie's Chicken Stuffers .
     Vickie's Deviled Eggs .
     Vickie's Sausage Stuffers .
     Vickie's Spinach Dip n Bread Bowl .
Breads, Rolls & Crackers:
     Garrett's Dinner Rolls .
- ButterHorns, ParkerHouse
     Garrett's Challah Loaf .
     Holland's Cinnamon Hats
     Garrett's Cinnamon Swirl Loaf .
     Garrett's Crackers  
     Garrett's Hamburger Buns .
     Garrett's Italian Bread .
     Aunt Mildred's Loaf Bread .
     Papaw's Sweet Cornbread .
     Vickie's Sweet Cornbread Muffins   
     Garrett's Tea Scones .
    Papaw's Sweet Cornbread .
    Vickie's Sweet Cornbread Muffins   
    Garrett's Tea Scones .
     Papaw Carey's Country Baked Beans .
     GrandDaddy Holland's BBQ Cole Slaw
     Southern Greens - Mustard, collard or turnip
     Vickie's Country Green Beans .
     Vickie's Green Beans & Potatoes .
     GrandMa Sandy's Green Bean Casserole .
     Vickie's Fried Okra .
     GrandMa Sandy's Vegetables Casserole .
Gravy & Sauces:
     Garrett's Wide Awake Jack Sauce .
     Garrett's Momma's Sweet Jack BBQ .
     Southern Red Eye Gravy
     Mamaw Carey's Sausage Gravy .
Soups, Salads & Sandwiches:
     Maw Carey's The "Cold" Sandwich .
     Vickie's Chicken Soup
     Vickie's Cucumber Sandwiches
     Vickie's Garden Salad with Chicken .
     Irish Potato Soup .
     Vickie's Tuna Salad .
     Vickie's Va. Beach She Crab Soup .
Meats & Main Dishes:
     Scottish Bangers and Mash .
     Grand Daddy Holland's Beef BBQ .
     Kevin's Beef BBQ
     Vickie's Beef Bites .
     Vickie's Beef Bites -2 .
     Vickie's Beef Stroganoff .
     Vickie's No Bean Chili
     Vickie's Corned Beef & Gravy .
     Vickie's Country Salmon 
     GranMa Sandy's Dry Spice Rub for Pork Roast .
     Irish Shepherd's Pie .
     Aunt Mildred's Shepherd's Pie .
     Vickie's Smothered Beef Bits .
     Maw Carey's Fried Chicken .
     Vickie's Grilled Fried Chicken .
     Papaw Carey's Juicy Hamburgers .
     GranMa Sandy's Hot Dogs In Bourbon .
     Garrett's Jack Chili .
     Irish Meat and Potato Pie .
     Vickie's Pig Pillows .
     The Carey's Race Time Meatballs . .
     GranMa Sandy's Rib Eye Roast with Current Sauce .
     GranMa Sandy's Roast Beef .
     Vickie's Roast Beast Stew .
     Vickie's Sage Chicken .
     Vickie's Salsbury Steak   
     Garrett's Speedies .
     Vickie's TexMex Tacos .
     Vickie's Teriyaki Chicken Bites 
    Thanksgiving Turkey
Desserts, Cakes, Cookies & Pies:Vickie's Apple Pie
     Pie Crusts .
     Vickie's Apple Pie .
     Pam's Baklava .
     Garrett's Brownies .
     Garrett's Bunny Pooh .
     Vickie's Butter Cookies
     Vickie's Candy Corn Cookies .
     GrandMa McDaniel's Cheese Cake .
     Vickie's Cheese Cake
     Garrett's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies .
     Garrett's Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies .
     Vickie's Chocolate Chip Muffins
     Aunt Mildred's Chocolate Pie .
     Garrett's Classic Fudge .
     Garrett's Fast Fudge..
     A Springtime Croissant Bunny .
     Vickie's English Toffee..
     Pam's Monkey Bread .
     Vickie's Country Pecan Pie .
     Vickie's Traditional Pumpkin Pie .
     Vickie's Tennessee Snickerdoodle Cookies
     Garrett's Snow Cream .
     Vickie's Holiday Sugar Cookies .
     Vickie's English Toffee .
     GranMa Sandy's Yorkshire Pudding .


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