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Family Names
The Holland Surname  ~
The Holland Name
Holland - m,f   - Dutch, Scottish
The Holland Etymology
One of the Dutch resources defines the name as "from a Holy Land". Other regional translations have the name defined as "land at the hough" or slope, which somewhat describes the landscape of Holland.
The Holland family name can be traced to a couple of sources. Initially the name was thought to have begun with Thomas Holland of Down Holland (parish of Halsall) in 1545. Records have also been discovered in 1619 with John Holland in Up Holland (parish of Wigan).
But modern research uncovered yet another source having it's origin as a local meaning "a settler from Holland", as was a Begmundus de Holande in 975 AD.
The ancient family motto was FIAT PAX, FLOREAT JUSTITIA
(latin) "Let there be peace, let justice flourish"
Our Holland relations are part of the Angus clan of Scotland, and are associated with the Angus Ancient tartan.
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