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Steve Allen Morris
Joyce Marie Seagle
1946 - 2005
Name: Lea Marie Wilson
Born: Restricted
Location: Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC
1) Abt 1980 - Blair M Holsonback
    Location: Mecklenburg Co., NC
Died: Abt.
Death Place:
  1. Name
Source Kathy Lynn Wilson:
My sisters & their dad:
Linda Kay Wilson - George Kenneth Wilson
Lea Marie Wilson Holsenback - Steve Allen Morris Her husband was Blair Holsenback [Holsonback] He died about 2 years ago from Cancer [1969-2007]
Cheryl Elizabeth Wilson - Steve Allen Morris
Meredith Nicole Morris - Steve Allen Morris
Tiffany Ann Morris - Steve Allen Morris
for some reason moma gave them [Lea, and Cheryl] the wilson name. Never knew why.
It's A Small World
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