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born - died
Name: Mary Shinn
Born: 22 May 1737
Location: Burlington County, NJ
1) Bef. - John Corzine
Died: 12 Nov 1834
Death Place: NC
  1. Agness Corzine (1756 - )
  2. Samuel Corzine (1757 - )
  3. Elizabeth Corzine (1759 - )
  4. George Corzine (1760 - 1820)
  5. William Corzine (1761 - Bef. 1776)
  6. Rachel Corzine (1763 - )
  7. Deborah Corzine (1765 - )
  8. Daughter 5
  9. Daughter 6
  10. Daughter 7
There is confusion in the records about which John Corzine is married to Mary Shinn and which one is married to Leah Shinn. Reviewing the will abstracts help to point to which John & Mary are the parents of George Sr, and grand parents to George Jr., father of James C. Corzine.

Abstracts of Early Wills 1763-1790 (1749-1790), Mecklenburg County North Carolina
Pg. 16
Last Will & Testament of John Corzine of Mecklenburg Co., NC
Will Book A,     p. 192     C.R. 065.801.13
Will of John Corzine of Mecklenburg County, 4 Feb my beloved wife the benefit of that plantation which we now live on for her benefit and for the children and a third part of my estate (lands only excepted), any one of the horse creatures, her saddle; to my two sons all the lands that I possess; 100 acres of this deeded plantation and another 100 Acres of undeeded land adjacent to the corner down Buffalow creek, and to my beloved son Samuel the remainder of this deeded plantation with the improvements, 132 acres and the remainder of the undeeded land after son George gets him 100 acres off it; to my eldest son George one three year old sorrel horse and the saddle that was his brother Williams; to my seven daughters the rest of my estate to be equally divided; wife Mary & Isaac Shinn, executors.

John Corzine (Seal)

Wit:     Robert Russell
Wm McWhirter       Proved Jan Sess 1776
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