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Davi Russell
born - died
Elizabeth Morrison
born - died
Name: Mary Ann Russell
Born: Abt
Location: Cabarass Co., NC
1) Bef. - George Corzine, Jr.
    Location: Cabarass Co., NC
Died: Abt.
Death Place: Cabarass Co., NC
  1. James C. Corzine
From The Families of Cabarrus County, North Carolina (1792 - 1815)
Section: R, pg 132
1790 - Russell David & Elizabeth Morrison
Children: James Semianes (Margaret Gingles),
Robert (Mary Morrison),
Jenny (Noah Corzine)
Jane (James Tucker),
Elizabeth (Samuel Holbrook)(George Corzine)
Catherine (Samuel G. White)
David Morrison (Elizabeth Purvians),
Mary Ann (George Corzine),
Wiliam Gingles (Margaret Teresa avis)
Rachel (William Lee Gingles).
Fined on April 20, 1803 for contempt of court.
1810: David and Elizabeth Owned land on Clear Creek
Deed from Thomas Love to David, a tract of 131 acres on the south side of Clear Creek and on and wife sides of Goose Creek.
Deed of Gift to son James, a tract of 66 acres on thesouth side of Rocky River beginning at Clear Creek next to Thomas Love and Jeremiah Clontz.
David was the son of James and Jane Carson Russell.
Elizabeth was the daughter of James and Jeanett Hall Morrison.
David and wife are buried in Old Rocky River Cemetery.
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