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born - died
born - died
Name: Steve Allen Morris
Born: Restricted
Location: California
1) Bef. 1970 - Joyce Marie Seagle
    Location: Mecklenburg Co., NC
Died: Abt.
Death Place:
Children of Joyce & Steve:
  1. Lea Marie Wilson
  2. Cheryl Elizabeth Wilson
  3. Meridth Nichole Morris
  4. Tiffany Ann Morris
Source Kathy Lynn Wilson:
My mom was Joyce Marie Seagle Wilson Morris she was born in Baltimore MD and my step dad's is Steve Allen Morris born somewhere in CA but most of the family is from Charlotte .
Moma was born in Baltimore MD
My real daddy was born in TN i think LaFollette TN
My step Dad was born I think in Charlotte NC
My mom died 3 years ago in August
My real daddy I don't know have'nt seen him since I was 6
My sisters & their dad:
Linda Kay Wilson - George Kenneth Wilson
Lea Marie Wilson Holsenback - Steve Allen Morris Her husband was Blair Holsenback [Holsonback] He died about 2 years ago from Cancer [1969-2007]
Cheryl Elizabeth Wilson - Steve Allen Morris
Meredith Nicole Morris - Steve Allen Morris
Tiffany Ann Morris - Steve Allen Morris
for some reason momma gave them [Lea, and Cheryl] the wilson name. Never knew why.
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