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George Kenneth Wilson
Joyce Marie Seagle
1946 - 2005
Name: Kathy Lynn Wilson
Born: Restricted
Location: Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC
1) 29 Apr 1984 - Kevin Howard Corzine
Location: Mecklenburg Co., NC
Divorced: 21 Feb 2005
Location: Charlotte, Mechlenberg Co., NC
2) 24 May 2009 - Robert Whitlock, Jr.
Location: Charlotte, Mechlenberg Co., NC
Death Location:
Children of Kevin & Kathy:
  1. Terry Corzine
  2. Lindsey Corzine
Source: Kathy Whitlock
we [Kevin] were married on april 29, 1984
and divorced on Feb 21 2005
My mom's name is Joyce Seagle Morris; Seagle was her maiden name
My real dad's name is George Kenneth Wilson
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