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McGert? Williams
born - died
born - died
Name: Kimberly Williams
Born: 15 Jul 1959
Location: SC
1) ? - Kevin Howard Corzine
     Location: North Carolina
2) ? - ? Kennedy
     Location: North Carolina
3) An Affair - George ?
     Location: North Carolina
Died: 16 Aug 2010
Death Place: Lumberton, SC
Children of Kimberly & Kevin
  1. Crystal Corzine
Children Adopted by Kimberly & ? Kennedy:
  1. Timothy Eugene Kennedy
Children by Kimberly & George?:
  1. Timothy Eugene Kennedy
During her marriage to ? Kennedy, Kimberly Williams had an affair with George (?). She became pregnant with Timmy, who was given Kennedy's last name. George refused to acknowledge Timmy as his son until many years later. When Timmy was 6, he was given to Garrett Wilson Holland & Tina Lee Williams as Kimberly could no longer care for him. Tina is Kimberly's sister. They raised Timmy with their son Garrett Jr until Timmy was into his teens and moved out on his own. Gary continues to think of Timmy as his own son.
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