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McGert? Williams
born - died
born - died
Name: Tina Lee Williams
Born: 13 Jul 1964 Abt
Location: SC
1) Sept 12, 1982 - Garrett "Gary" Wilson Holland
     Location: York, SC
     Divorced: Dec 3, 2002
     Location: Charlotte, Mechlenburg Co., NC
     Children - GJ
Died: 03 May 2011
Death Place: Lumberton, NC
Children of Garrett & Tina:
  1. Garrett "GJ" Wilson Holland, Jr.
Children Adopted by Garrett & Tina:
  1. Timothy Eugene Kennedy (unofficially adopted)
Tina was found in an abandoned house, after a reported fire was extinguished by fire fighters. It was discovered she had been murdered and the house was set on fire to hide the crime.
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