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John "Duggard"?
born - died
born - died
Name: Daniel Dugger
Born: 1696
Location: city, state - County
1) prior to 20 Feb 1716/17 - Mary Scarborough [2].
Surry Co, VA
Died: Between 27 Nov 1773 and 3 Mar 1776.
  1. Richard Dugger (c1717-c1738)
  2. William Dugger
  3. John Dugger (c1721-1803)
  4. Benjamin Dugger (c1724-after 1756)
  5. Elizabeth Dugger (c1725-after 1749)
  6. Lydia Dugger (c1727-before 1762)
  7. Henry Dugger (c1733-1806)
  8. Sarah Dugger (c1735-after 1762)
  9. David Dugger (c1736-)
  10. James Dugger (c1737)-
It isn't known whether or not Daniel was born in VA or if he was an immigrant. A John Dugard (also spelled Duggard and Dugger)who was imported on 29 Nov 1674 (Virginia Patents Book 6 page 546). He is a possible father of Daniel, but no proof so far. But it's likely this was Daniel's father noting the name of his 3rd son 'John'.

In March 1716/17 Daniel "Duggard" as administrator of Edward Scarborough's estate, presented the inventory and appraisal of the estate in court. (Surry Co, VA Court Orders 1713-1718 page 109)
Notes 1:
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Daniel Dugger
Name: Daniel Dugger
Gender: male
Birth Year: 1690
Spouse Name: Mary Scarborough
Birth Place: VA
Spouse Birth Year: 1695
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