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John Dugger
Oct 1, 1780 - Aug 2, 1869
Mary Engle
Dec 22, 1785 - Feb 7, 1869
Name: Mildred Dugger
Born: June 12, 1833
Location: Carter County, Tennessee
1) November 15, 1852 - John Anderson
in Butler, Tennessee - Carter County
Died: February 18, 1871
Tennessee Marriage & Bible Records (
Pg. 307 & 309
Last Will and Testament of John Dugger
From the records of County Court Clerk of Carter County.
Sent by Mrs. W. M. Faught, Elizabethton, Tn.
Last Will and Testament of John Dugger, deceased:
4. I desire that my daughter, Milred Anderson, shall have an equal share in my part of the sawmill with her brothers.
18. I desire that my daughter, Mildred Anderson, and John Anderson have the place where I now live on and has sold it to Mildred and John Anderson, her husband for $400.00, and they are to take good care of me and my property, feed and clothe me all the rest of my life time, and on the above conditions the house and one hundred acres of land shall be their's; otherwise they must pay me one thousand dollars or give my house and land and make me a title to it and all will be right.
24. I desire that John Anderson and Mildred Anderson, if I die before I sell what little stock and property I have, to let it be sold or divided among themselves. The scraps of land that I have not divided you may divide or sell for money to help paying my debts, ect.

John Dugger, Sen. - Last Will and Testament  .

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