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John Dugger
Oct 1, 1780 - Aug 2, 1869
Mary Engle
Dec 22, 1785 - Feb 7, 1869
Name: Emily Dugger
Born: September 2, 1830
Location: Carter County, Tennessee
1) November 4, 1846 - Elijah Bunton
in Carter County, Tennessee
Died: March 2, 1912
Location: Carter County, Tennessee
Notes :
Tennessee Marriage & Bible Records (
Pg. 307 & 309
Last Will and Testament of John Dugger
From the records of County Court Clerk of Carter County.
Sent by Mrs. W. M. Faught, Elizabethton, Tn.
Last Will and Testament of John Dugger, deceased:
12. I, John Dugger, Senior, desire that my daughter, Charlotte Cable, wife of Claiborn Cable, shall have one hundred acres of land known by the name of the Flat Springs land, lying in Watauga County, North Carolina, it being a two hundred acre tract of land, being granted to me by the Sate of North Carolina. I also desire that my daughter, Emmy Bunton, wife of Elijah Bunton, have the other half of the said Flat Spring land to be equally divided by them and a line made through said land with the courses and distances, and they shall have deeds for it, mines and minerals excepted for my use.

John Dugger, Sen. - Last Will and Testament  .

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