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Melchor Engle
born - died
Magdalena Beyerle
born - died
Name: George Engle
Born: April 19, 1750
Location: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
1) October 3, 1773 - Johanna Regina Elizabetha "Elizabeth" Strum
in Maryland or Virginia
Died: May 31, 1826
Location: Indian Creek, Kentucky - Knox County
  1. Peter Engle
  2. John Engle
  3. Elizabeth Engle
  4. Mary Engle
  5. George Engle, Jr.
  6. Jacob Engle
  7. Phillip Engle
  8. Jesse Engle
  9. Frances Engle
  10. Margaret Engle
Family Data Collection - Births about George Engle
Name: George Engle
Father: Melchor Engle
Mother: Mary Magdalena Beyerle
Birth Date: Apr 1750
City: Lancaster
State: PA
Country: USA
Notes 1:
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about George Engle
Name: George Engle
Gender: male
Birth Place: PA
Birth Year: 1750
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Strum
Birth Place: of KY
Number Pages: 2
Notes 2:
Family Data Collection - Deaths about George Engle
Name: George Engle
Death Date: May 1826
City: Knox
State: KY
Country: USA  
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