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William Dugger
born - died
Margaret, Mary, Martha?
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Name: Julius C. Dugger AmRev Vet
Born: September 9, 1760
Location: Granville County, North Carolina
1) 1779 - Mary Hall
in Wilkes County, North Carolina
Died: July 16, 1838
Carter County, Tennessee
  1. John Dugger
  2. Nancy Dugger
  3. William Dugger
  4. Abel Dugger
  5. Julius Dugger
  6. Elizabeth Dugger
  7. Charlotte Dugger
  8. Margaret Dugger
  9. Mary Caroline Dugger
Julius Caesar Dugger, crossed the mountains from North Carolina before Daniel Boone, and was one of the first white settlers in the present state of Tennessee. After the Revolution, he was a member of the State of Franklin constitutional convention, which petitioned unsuccessfully for admission to the Union. The Dugger family was the first to build forges and work iron in Tennessee.
Notes 1:
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Julius Dugger
Name: Julius Dugger
Gender: male
Birth Year: 1760
Spouse Name: Mary Hall
Spouse Birth Year: 1761
Year: 1779
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