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Thomas Morris   [2].
1775 - ?
Mary Polly
1775 - ?
Name: Elias Morris [1]. AmCivilWar - Confed Vet
Born: 1805
Location: Montgomery County North Carolina
1) 1826 - Sarah ?
in Montgomery County, North Carolina
Died: August 30, 1853
in E. PeeDee River District, North Carolina - Montgomery County
  1. Zebedee William Morris
  2. Thomas F. Morris
  3. William C(happell?) Morris
  4. Larkin A. Morris
  5. Sarah Morris
  6. Henry W. Morris
  7. James D. Morris
1850 Montgomery Co., NC Federal Census
Morris, Elias age 45 male farmer born NC
Morris, Sarah age 48 female born NC
Morris, William age 18 male laborer born NC (1831)
Morris, Larkin age 16 male laborer born NC (1833)
Morris, Sarah age 14 female born NC (1835)
Morris, Henry W. age 12 male born NC (1837)
Morris, James D. age 10 male born NC (1839)

William Chappell Morris (1831) ? Larkin A. Morris (1834) ? Zebedee W. Morris (1827) brothers in the Confederacy ? and a brother named Thomas Morris (1830). They were all born in Montgomery County NC, most migrated westward into McDowell County NC, then Buncombe County NC, then Madison County NC, and eastern Tennessee.
The family tradition that William C. Morris was William Chappell Morris should not be ignored as to the possible identity of his mother Sarah ? whose family name, perhaps, was Chappell. Zebedee
W. Morris ? - had a son whose name was Pardee Chappell Morris, and Pardee had a son who he named Chappell.
The note about Thomas Morris and wife Mary ?Polly? Williams provides some clues. If this Thomas was born about 1830, he could be the brother of Zebedee, William and Larkin (which he probably was). With Thomas? wife?s name being ?Williams?, that is also the surname of Zebedee?s wife ? she was Emeline Williams.

Zebedee had his right arm amputated at Petersburg VA in the fall of 1864 after having been hit with a cannon ball (probably what is known as ?grape shot?
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