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Jacob F. Dugger
Mar 10, 1812 - Sep 3, 1888
Mary E Brown
June 19, 1817 - Apr 17,1903
Name: Emanuel Columbus Dugger
Born: July 20, 1853
Location: Dry Hill, Tennessee - Johnson County
1) January 28, 1885 - Mary Ann Fritts
Died: July 4, 1940
in Washington County, Tennessee
  1. Eddie Dugger (female)
  2. Frank Dugger
  3. Dexter Dugger
  4. Jacob Dugger
  5. Mac Dugger
Andrew Hamilton Fritts is either an illegitimate child or the child of another Fritts. If he is the child of a Fritts, George B. and __ which are listed as siblings in Rowan's book would be brothers-in-law and Nancy C. Fritts would be Mary's mother-in-law. What is clear is that Andrew is not the child of Emmanuel Dugger, 2nd husband of Mary Ann.
It is possible that the 2 young children (Rosalee and Allen) who "died in infancy" were also Fritts children, not Duggers. It is impossible to tell from what Rowan has recorded.
1910 Census, Washington Co., TN 3th District
91 Dugger, Emmanuel 57 Married1 26 years
Mary 50 married1 26 years 9 children, 7 living
Eddie F 21
Frank M 16
Dexter M 14
Jacob M 12
Mac M 8
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