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John Dugger
Oct 1, 1780 - Aug 2, 1869
Mary Engle
Dec 22, 1785 - Feb 7, 1869
Name: Jacob F. Dugger
Born: March 10, 1812
Location: Carter County, Tennessee
1) Abt 1836 - Mary E. Brown
in Carter County, Tennessee
Died: September 3, 1888
  1. Elizabeth C. Dugger
  2. Mary Catherine Dugger
  3. James W. Dugger
  4. Sarah Ann Dugger
  5. Emanuel Columbus Dugger
  6. Nancy Jane Dugger
  7. Peter Millard Fillmore Dugger
  8. Hannah Louise Dugger
1880 Census, Johnson Co., TN, District 5
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Jacob F. DUGGER Self M Male W 68 TN Farmer TN TN
Mary DUGGER Wife M Female W 63 TN Housekeeping TN TN
Emanul C. DUGGER Son Male W 26 TN Farming TN TN
Peter M. F. DUGGER Son Male W 21 TN Works On Farm TN TN
Louisa DUGGER Dau Female W 15 TN At Home TN TN

  "Jacob's parents were influential in the community in which they lived. They gave their children a Christian upbringing, and Jacob learned to read and write. They lived about 14 miles above...Elizabethton, in what was then Carter County, (now Johnson County)." (Rowan, p. 4)
"Jacob and Mary lived on Stone Mountain, (5th Civil District) in the community known as 'Dry Hill'. It was about 2 miles from the Sugar Grove Baptist Church, ad it was in this place that they reaised their family of nine children. Jacob was a Christian influence inthe area, having helped to organize the Sugar Grove Church in 1850. He was one of the first two deacons and was ordained by Valentine Bowers for about 23 years. The church history states that "when the home of the church clerk burned, 21 years of church records went up in flames." It was of course, a great loss for both the church and the Jacob Dugger family." (Rowan. p. 4)
1850 Census (reported in Rowan's book, p. 4)
Jacob F. Dugger with 4 children and his mother-in-law. Mary Brown was 60 years old and born in Maryland
Notes 2:
Tennessee Marriage & Bible Records (
Pg. 307 & 309
Last Will and Testament of John Dugger
From the records of County Court Clerk of Carter County.
Sent by Mrs. W. M. Faught, Elizabethton, Tn.
Last Will and Testament of John Dugger, deceased:
7. I desire that my son, Joseph Dugger, shall have the land he now lives on. The minerals of iron ore to be divided wit his brothers if they want to work in the Forge and sawmill. I desire them to sell to some of their brothers. I desire that Jacob F. Dugger have an equal share in my forge and Iron Works lands and sawmill. I desire that my son, Hiram Dugger, shall have a piece of land on the Chestnut Ridge, thought to be one hundred and twenty acres, more or less, adjoining the flat of Dugger Branch, and an equal share in my Forge and sawmill and Forge land with his brothers that has a part in said Forge land, only his brother, John Dugger, has two shares in the Forge land, the mines and minerals expected for me and my heirs.

John Dugger, Sen. - Last Will and Testament  .

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