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William C(happell?) Morris
Jul 30, 1831 - Feb 2, 1897
Lucy Jane Ballard
Oct 1, 1832 - Jul 16, 1916
Name: Carry Etter Morris
Born: January 12, 1875
Location: Buncomb County, North Carolina
Married:Abt. 1899 - John Henry Greenwell
in Buler, Tennessee - Johnson County
Died: Octboer 25, 1965
"Flora Riddles letter to Aunt Etter [Carry Etter Morris]:
Aunt Etters fathers people were Scotch Irish. [William C. Morris=father]
Grandmother's people were Black Dutch and Scotch Irish. [Ballards?]
Great Grandparents were Scarbors [William Scarborough and Lucretia Andrews) and Grandparents were Ballards. [James B(rake?) Ballard and Lydia Scarborough] "They were great leaders in the Methodist Church of their day which would have been more honor to them than it would be to us today, because of the union of the Methodist Church with the federal Council of Churches of America. If the Baptist Church ever joins up with them, I will be a come outer as fast as I can." (no signature). [James B(lake?) Ballard and Lydia Scarborough's brother (Wiley) were both ministers of the Methodist Church]
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