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Samuel D. Douglass
1792 - Feb 1876/1882
Ann Starr
1810 - Jan 31, 1862
Name: Sarah Catherine Douglass
Born: 23 Jul 1839
Location: Douglass Shed, Tennessee - Washington County
2) 09 Aug 1857 - Benjamin C. Carey
Died: 22 Feb 1921
Death Place: Telford, Washington Co. Tennessee
  1. William M. Carey
  2. Henry B. Carey
  3. Joseph E. Carey
  4. Samuel P. Carey
  5. Worley E. Carey
  6. Castelia Cordelia Carey
  7. Mary Ellen Carey
  8. John C. Carey
  9. Arthur M. Carey
  10. Maggie M. Carey
  11. Frank O. Carey
  12. Albert Thomas Carey
Castelia Cordelia is listed as a step-child; but it's unclear who's child she really is. She was born after records indicate Benjamin and Sarah were married. Perhaps she's a product from one of Benjamin's siblings and he and Sarah adopted her.
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