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? Foster / Forrester
Unknown - Unknown
Elizabeth Swecker/Swacker
1880 - Oct 7,1916
Andrew Stoots
Step Father
Oct 1865 - Mar 3, 1908
Name: William Mack Stoots
Born: 22 Nov 1893
Location: Milburnton, Tennessee - Washington County
1) 15 Nov 1915 - Mary Elizabeth Nelson
    Location: Greene Co., TN
2) 16 Mar 1926 - Rose Bell Nelson
    Location: Washington Co., TN
Died: 31 Oct 1938
Death Place: Limestone, Washington Co., TN
Children of William and Mary
1) Bertha "Berthie" Stoots
2) Virgil Lee Stoots
3) Maryln Bruce Stoots
3) Onie Carl "Joe" Stoots
4) Evelyn Ruth Stoots
5) Mack "Max" Ernest Stoots
Children of William and Rose
1) Junior Frank Stoots
2) Leonard Columbus Stoots
3) Eva Pearl Stoots
4) Robert Paul Stoots
5) Samuel Grant "James" Stoots
We don't know much about William Mack. The family story goes William Mack married Mary Elizabeth Nelson. Rose's older sister by 8 years. They had 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls (one passed before the age of 1). Mary Elizabeth died 16 Feb 1925.
According to Rose Stoots (my grand mother), everyone told Mack he needed a mother for those kids. Almost 1 year later, he married Rose and they had 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl (my mother).
Rose Stoots also told me about going to the movies every weekend with William Mack. And that she played the banjo for the family on Sunday's. We know more about her life and the lives of the children after William Mack's death.
Andrew Stoots was the step-father of William Mack Stoots, whose mother was Elizabeth. All family records of Andrew, Elizabeth and William's father were destroyed in a fire in the 1920's near the boundry of Greene Co., and Washington Co., TN
Notes 1:
Mary Eda Nelson Stoots Bible, (The Holy Bible, self-pronouncing ed.), 1885.
Census, 1900 (age 7) Washington Co., TN
1910 (17) Goodson District, Washington Co., VA
1920 (25), 1930 (38) Washington Co., TN.
Notes 2:
William's tombstone uses the 1885 date as does his death certificate. Age confirmed through driver's license and census records (1920, 1930). His death certificate confirms the maiden name of his mother but does not name his father.
More About William Mack Stoots:
Burial: Providence Cemetery, Happy Valley Rd., Limestone, Washington Co., TN
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Census: 1900, Listed as William Swecker, age 7 (Nov 1893) in Washington Co., TN
Driver's License: TN (listed as William Stoots, date of birth Nov 22 1895)
Military Registration: 05 Jun 1917, Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN (lists birth as 1894)
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