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Albert Thomas Carey
Oct 13, 1874 - Mar 19, 1948
Lucy Jane Morris
Feb 9, 1896 - Jul 27, 1993
Name: Albert Thomas Carey, Jr. WWII Vet
Born: August 18, 1923
Location: Jonesborough, Tennessee - Washington County
1) September 12, 1956 - Ruth Holden
     Location: Washington Co., TN
Died: September 5, 1995
Death Place: Johnson City, Washington Co., TN
A.T. and Ruth had no children
Ancient Order of the Deep
This is to Certify that Albert Thomas Carey, Jr. was duly initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep having crossed the equator on board the S.S. James Buchanan bound for Battle Zone on the 5th of Feb 1945., Longitude 172 degrees.
Signed. B.T. Miller (Davy Jones,
His Majesty's Scribe
L. F. Mohr, Neptuis Rex, Ruler of the Raging Main
A.T. Carey, Jr. - Signalman third class, U.S. Navy, serving on a PT boat base in the Southwest Pacific war area. The seaman was in the service in January, 1943, going overseas in January, 1945.
A.T. and Ruth met at the wedding of his brother David to Eva Stoots. They began dating off and on, but eventually married and were inseparable until Ruth passed away.
A.T. and Ruth had a very loving marriage. They had no children and spent lavishly on nieces and nephews. All remembered getting silver dollars (usually 5 of them) for birthdays and sometimes Christmas which were kept by most as they discovered after A.T.'s funeral.
They were both smokers. Ruth smoked until she begin to have heart problems in her later years. A.T. smoked his last cigarette moments before he died from pancreatic cancer.
They were great kidders. Ruth called A.T. "Bud".
A.T. won the "Most Handsome" in the Tennessee Centennial celebrations. And competed in a local "Best Beard" competition, also taking top honors.
Ruth and A.T. often attended the football games of the University of Tennessee. And were avid fans all their lives.
A.T. worked at Goodyear in Johnson City as an accountant and often attended many Goodyear events. Including Goodyear sponsored races at Bristol Raceway. He took his niece Vickie to one race so she could meet her favorite Nascar driver at the time, Darrell Waltrip.
Ruth passed before A.T. and it was obvious to family and friends that her death took the sweetness out of his life. He developed pancreatic cancer not long after and eventually passed due to complications of the illness.

- Scarborough white forelock
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