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Charles Hamby Morris
Jan 8, 1967 - Sep 7, 1925
Nancy Jane Dugger
Nov 26, 1855 - Dec 30,1940
Name: Lucy Jane Morris
Born: February 9, 1896
Location: Butler, Tennessee - Johnson County
1) July 4, 1922 - Albert Thomas Carey
    Location: Butler, Johnson County Tennessee
Died: July 27, 1993
Buried: Maple Lawn Cemetery, Jonesborough, Tennessee
1) Albert Thomas Carey, Jr.
2) Charles Benjamin Carey
3) William David Carey
Obituary: Johnson City Press-Chronicle, Wed,. July 28, 1993
Mrs. Lucy Morris Carey, 97, Asbury Center, formerly of West. Main St., Jonesborough, died Monday, July 26, 1993, at North Side Hospital after a brief illness.

She was a Johnson County native and a daughter of the late [Charles] Hamby and Nancy Jane Dugger Morris. She was a member of West Hills Baptist Church, Jonesborough, and the Womens Christian Temperance Movement.
West Hills Baptist Church Membership Rool (July 30, 1961-November 9, 1980)
"On Sunday, July 2, 1961, 61 persons gathered at the old Jonesborough Elementary school for the formation of a new Baptist church in Jonesborough. On Sunday, July 19, 1961, the group "voted to purchase the proposed 3.2 acre lot near Freeman's Corner. Also voted to change our name to West Hills Baptist Church." Mrs. Lucy Carey is listed as a charter member and is number 18 on the list.
Although Albert was Methodist and Lucy was Baptist, the children were raised as Brethern, possibly because there was a church next door (across the street, to the left when facing the house). The children were born at the house. (see Albert Thomas Carey page for more house information.)
Lucy recalled many aspects of her life in a taped interview with her granddaughters Cynthia and Vickie. She shared stories of her childhood, including the abilities of her family to sing hymns on their front porch every Sunday. Their singing was so well received, that neighbors would come sit on their front lawn and picnic during the concert. She recalled the first family radio, car and TV. The one thing she would not discuss was the death of her son Charles who was killed in Action while serving in Germany.
Within weeks of her marriage to Albert, he took her to the local voters registration site where she registered. She voted in very presidential election until her death.
She was more than just an avid gardener. She canned, baked and often cooked and then froze 90% of her vegetables from the back yard garden. She made "runny" jellies that were a favorite with most of her family. Her sweet pickles were an especial favorite of her granddaughter Vickie.
She rarely traveled outside Tennessee. She did visit her son David and his family in Virginia on a few occasions. But preferred to be at home.
She lived alone after the death of her husband and her children left to have families of their own. She never thought of dating or remarrying. She was very independent and often outspoken. She read the newspaper daily, keeping current on national and local events.
Her home had cathedral ceilings, with ceiling lights in the center of each room. One day she climbed a very tall ladder to change a light bulb in the front family room. She fell and broke her hip. She crawled to the front door and unlocked it. Then crawled to the front bedroom where the telephone was located and called 911. While the ambulance was on the way, she called her son A.T. to meet her at the hospital. (She was a tough old broad).
A few years later she was placed in a Johnson City Nursing home, where she developed pneumonia and died.

- Black hair
- Small and petite
- Hearing loss by 65 years old.
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