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Benjamin L. Carey, Jr.
Sep 14, 1838 - Sep. 11, 1918
Sarah Catherine Douglass
Jul 23, 1839 - Feb 22, 1921
Name: Albert Thomas Carey, Sr.
Born: October 13, 1874
Location: Jonesborough, Washington County Co., TN
1) July 4, 1922 - Lucy Jane Morris
    in Butler, Johnson County Tennessee
Died: March 19, 1948
Death Place: Washington County Co., TN
Buried: Maple Lawn Cemetery, Jonesborough, Tennessee
1) Albert Thomas Carey, Jr. WWII Vet
2) Charles Benjamin CareyWWII Vet
3) William David CareyWWII Vet
Albert cared for his mother, Sarah C. Douglass Carey until her death on 22 Feb 1921. He married Lucy on 4 Jul 1922.
He was a farmer and postman for Jonesborough. He had bought the house on West Main Street, Jonesborough before his marriage and leased it to someone else to live in until he married. Albert and Lucy moved into the house on August 1, 1922.
The house sat on about 1/2 acre of land on Main Street less than 1 mile from downtown Jonesborough. It is across the street from the Brethern Church and the backyard (or garden area) is against what was the Jonesborough Elementary School until the 1970s. The school then became the Washington Co. Public School headquarters. When the children were young, the "back yard" contained a vegetable garden, a small chicken coup for fresh eggs, and room for a milk cow. As time went by, the animals were removed from the property and only a very large vegetable garden remained.
The house sits on a hill which is steep at the front where it meets the sidewalk and street where it rises from about 6 feet above the street at the left corner to only about 3 feet at the right corner. It was a popular place for neighbors and friends to sit while watching the many 4th of July parades that passed by the house each year.
On the right corner, the adjourning street between the house and the church rises rapidly to the back of the property and the school. A maple tree which William David (called David) planted when he was about 10 years old shades part of the road and almost the entire house.
Halfway between the front and the back of the property and on the right side next to the street is where David and his uncle built the first home for David and his wife, Eva. It had a garage below the house which had a bedroom in the back with a bath and a living room (with fireplace) and kitchen in the front.
The main house originally had only one bedroom in the front next to the living room where all the boys were born. The kitchen was behind the bedroom and the dining room was behind the living room. As the family grew, they turned part of the back porch into a bedroom (which became a storage closet) and bathroom. The bathroom was split into 2 parts. The shower was to the left of the passageway from the kitchen to the porch and the toilet and sink was to the right of the passageway. Eventually, they built another bedroom off the dining room with its own door to the front porch.
The house was always white with green trim, although the front porch was gray. There was a two person swing in front of the front bedroom (to the right of the front door).
During the depression, Albert was a U.S. Postman. While the depression hit others very hard, his job kept his family some what secure. He died after a long illness.
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