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William Mack Stoots
Nov 22, 1895 - Oct 31, 1938
Rose Bell Nelson
Mar 5, 1908 - Jan 17, 1984
Name: Eva Pearl Stoots
Born: Restricted
Location: Carson Creek, Tennessee - Washington County
1) November 19, 1949 - William David Carey
    Location: Washington Co., TN
1) Cynthia Gail Carey
2) Pamela Teresa Carey
3) Vickie Lynn Carey
Cynthia's Wedding - 29 Feb 1976Eva was born into a large family of 9. She had 4 brothers and 4 half brothers and 2 half sisters. The family story goes William Mack married Mary Elizabeth Nelson. Rose's older sister by 8 years. They had 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls (one passed before the age of 1). Mary Elizabeth died 16 Feb 1925 and everyone told Mack he needed a mother for those kids. Almost 1 year later, he married Rose and they 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl.
When Mack died 31 Oct 1938, Rose was forced to care for all the children alone. They spent many years share cropping in Limestone, Tn. Share cropping meant they lived and worked on someone else's farm and shared in the proceeds of the harvest. It was a hard life.
Eva told her children that when she was young working on the farms, it was her task to climb to the top rafters of the barn and hang the tobacco so it would dry. And they would take eggs to the local general store and trade them for bacon, flour and other basic needs.
At Jonesborough High School, Eva played basketball. She met David in her Senior year and they began dating. After high school she entered into Nursing school. She lived in Jonesborough and interned at Johnson City Memorial Hospital. Her first assignment was in pediatric ER and ICU. She and David were married 19 Nov, 1949.
They lived in a garage apartment that David built with his uncle on his mother's property. They lived here with their first daughter Cynthia and for a short time with their second daughter Pam. They moved to a larger home closer to Johnson City sometime before 1961. They were living here when their 3rd daughter Vickie was born.
The strike at the Kingsport Press caused David to seek new work. He and Eva first moved to Tallahassee, Florida for a job where they stayed with Cynthia and Pam during the summer. Before September, they returned to Tennessee for Vickie and Rose Stoots and stayed in Florida until the winter of 1963-64. They returned to Johnson City during one of the coldest periods for the area. David again sought work and moved to an apartment in the spring of 1964 to Arlington, Virginia. He got a job with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where he stayed until his retirement in 1988.
In Virginia Eva found work as a nurse for a podiatrist Dr. Arnold Sussman and worked there until she retired to care for her Pam's first child Amy. She became a child care provider for Pam's third child Aaron and another young boy Ross.
She and David spent a good deal of time with their best friends Elizabeth and Pete Simmons. Going out to dinner nearly every weekend and later picking up the hobby of Square Dancing. Not many know about her artistic abilities. She often made cloths for the girls, knitted and crocheted, and was pretty fair with drawing. A talent she passed on to Vickie.
She still lives in the same home she and David purchased in 1964.
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