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Rev. Vickie Lynn Carey
Restricted -
Garrett Wilson Holland
Restricted -
Name: Aidan Conner Carey Holland
Born: Restricted
Location: Fairfax, Virginia - Fairfax County
1) Bef. - name
Died: Abt.
Death Place:
Nickname: Booboo & Munchkin
Aidan     m,f   Irish, Scottish Anglicized form of AODHÁN from AODH
             Irish, Scottish, Celtic Mythology "fire" (Gaelic). This was the
             name of the Celtic god of the sun.
Connor  m   Irish, English "dog lover" or "wolf lover" from the Gaelic name
             Conchobhar. This  was the name of an early king of Ulster. Irish
             legends tell of his tragic desire for Deirdre.
Carey    From the Irish surname Ó Ciardha, which means "descendent of Ciardha".
            The name Ciardha means "dark" in Gaelic.
Holland  m - Dutch - Holy Land
Aidan Connor Carey Holland would mean: Celtic Son God, protector of the wolf and child of the dark in a holy land.
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