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Dwight Wilson Holland
1937 -2011
Sandra June Hartsell
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Name: Garrett "Gary" Wilson Holland Sr.
Born: Restricted
Location: Mecklenburg County, NC
1) Sept 12, 1982 - Tina Lee Williams
     Location: York, SC
     Divorced: Dec 3, 2002
     Location: Charlotte, Mechlenburg Co., NC
2) Dec 8, 2003 - Vickie Lynn Carey
     Location: Ladysmith, Caroline Co., VA
Died: Abt.
Death Place:

Darrell (left) & Garrett (right)

Children of Garrett & Tina:
  1. Garrett "GJ" Wilson Holland, Jr.
Children Adopted by Garrett & Tina:
  1. Timothy Eugene Kennedy (unofficially adopted)
Children of Garrett & Vickie:
  1. Aidan Conner Carey Holland
Notes 1:
Gary was born in Charlotte Memorial Hospital and raised around Charlotte until the age of 42.
During her marriage to ? Kennedy, Kimberly Williams had an affair with George (?). She became pregnant with Timmy, who was given Kennedy's last name. George refused to acknowledge Timmy as his son until many years later. When Timmy was 6, he was given to Garrett Wilson Holland & Tina Lee Williams as Kimberly could no longer care for him. Tina is Kimberly's sister. They raised Timmy with their son Garrett Jr until Timmy was into his teens and moved out on his own. Gary continues to think of Timmy as his own son.
Notes 2:
Gary attended Central Piedmont Community College, acquiring an associated degree in Computer programming in 1987. Professionally he designs fire prevention sprinkler systems and owns his own design company, SprinklerTech, Inc.
Gary and Vickie meet on America Online in a chatroom called Witchcraft in 1998. They first met face to face at the wedding of a mutual couple in 2001, and started dating in August 2002. They commuted between Charlotte and Richmond until Gary moved to Virginia in April 2004 to be closer to Vickie as they awaited the birth of their only child Aidan.
Marriage Notes:
Vickie and Gary are pagan and held a private Handfasting (marriage) ritual on Dec. 8, 2003. This spiritual union included the exchange of rings and vows. Present were Vickie, Gary and their 6 month old son Aidan. 
In 2010 Gary started Integrity Fire Services, Inc. with his business partners Ted Henry and Jim Barber.
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