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Our Family Photo Album
Naryn & Michael
May 18, 2010







    Amid the beauty of nature






Surrounded by colors of joy

Before the flowing waters



And beneath the towering trees.





A union of love begins,



Blooming with abundance and hope







 Celebrated among family and friends





Topped with elegance and splendor!

Led with pride and devotion




    Under watchful eyes




and sealed with a kiss.




    Naryn and Michael are united
    as one under billowing clouds



Among our closest friends




    And loving family
    from one generation






to the next.





    A Union Blessed
    by Mom and Dad




With joyous glee






And loving support.

With Many Blessings,
Great Abundance and a Long Life of
Love and Happiness,
we all say Congratulations!!
The Ceremony
(Click the image for a PDF version of the Ceremonial Program) 
And The Reception Begins



And "where" is your tux?


Married 20 minutes and she's already the boss!

Well here, have your cake and eat it too....
"the boss"...but for how long?




I'm the best lookin' guy here!





Are we married now too?





The beautiful bride


The opening 'kick off' of the next wedding is about to be launched..






I think it's stuck....
or I'm just plotting my firing solution






Solution locked in...

Taking Aim..




Where were these beauties
during the bachelor party.





Yes Momma, I've had my cake; I can smile now.

Mr & Mrs Levering
It's A Small World
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