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Our Family Photo Album
Kathy & Robert
May 24, 2009





The Light of Love
awaits to shine.




Beneath pedals so delicate, you shall be mine.



In a corner of beauty,
our love unites by design.



Lovely Bride Maids
stand beaming in line.





Here Comes The Bride,
looking wonderfully fine.





Mr. & Mrs. Whitlock
..ok now let's dine..




On BBQ, potatoes, cake and fine wine.




The meal must wait for a few. It's picture time, just eight or nine.




Or maybe ninety-nine.




We all come together for this happy time. Do you know how hard it is to come up with all these rhymes?




    Just take the picture...
    cause later I'm going to need my spine.




From Father to Daughter,
we'll always be entwined.





From Mother to Daughter,
Beneath the wedding shrine.




This is the bride,
Kathy formerly Corzine.




Every princess dreams of her prince, this one was given a sign.




    And for this special day,
    the princess has pined...




For this handsome gent,
who has plucked her from the vine.




In silhouette, the beautiful bride doth shine.




With many blessings and wishes
for this love to last for the eternity of time.

It's A Small World
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