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Kevin & Karen
February 18, 2006
You're cordially invited..




The motley crew
nervously await the
time to leave for the church


Why do I feel like I'm standing before a firing squad?




An usher today,
Giving the bride away tomorrow.





The best man today,
The Groom tomorrow?




An usher today,
A kid with a girlfriend
in every port..
forget tomorrow, he's already a ladies man.

St. Mary's Chapel was constructed in 1892 on the campus of Thompson Orphanage by William Bynum in memory of his daughter. The original cost of construction was $2,500.

In 1975, the Chapel was declared a historic site by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Properties Commission. The City of Charlotte began cleaning up and restoring the Chapel grounds in November 1975. The Chapel was reopened on Sunday, August 29, 1976.



St. Mary's Chapel stands in its original location in downtown Charlotte. It appears much as it did ninety years ago, with the original furnishings in the sanctuary. Central heating and air conditioning, carpeting and a small patio were added during the restoration to make it more functional. Work has also been done to allow greater accessibility for handicapped persons. The Chapel seats approximately one hundred and ten people.



Wow, she's beautiful.

But is she ever gonna get here.



Glad ya made it hon'.




    This is the part Honey,
    where you say
    'love and obey'



The girls looking beautiful



The boys..

...being boys....



Ok, one more picture and
then we ARE going to go eat!



The beautiful wedding party


Figures it would stop raining
after the whole ceremony
was over.





    Heart Ice Sculpture
    decorated the center of the
    buffet table.



Future Bride and Groom?




      Dressed in
      flowers and bows



I'm a Dancin' fool.


Showing off the
Break dancing



Hey Bud!

That's my sister you're dancing with!



As soon as that guy with the camera gets out of the way...I'm making my move on the blonde.


Hey! Where'd the Babe go?!




I've got all the evidence on this little baby.

Just wait till I get these pics on the internet.



Taking Aim




Ok, it's harder than it looks.

With Blessings and Prayers
May they live happily ever after


It's A Small World
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