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How To Walk in Stiletto Heels
The Stiletto found it's birth in the 1930s and gets it's name from the Stiletto Dagger. They became exceptionally popular in the 1940s when actresses such as Marylin Monroe and Jane Mansfield began wearing the shoe in movies and on the premier runways.
Today people think of a stiletto as a very thin shoe heel at least 6 inches long or longer. But the Stiletto can actually be as short as 2.5 to 3 inches. These smaller versions are often called "Kitten Heels".
Because of their height, the heightened Stiletto seems to elongate the leg, and changes a woman gait to a hip-swaying strut, so she can keep her balance. The entire package attracts attention, usually the gazes of men, like bees to honey.
The longer Stiletto version of the shoes have become very popular in recent years and are showing a great increase in sales since the mid 1990s. Some attribute this to actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, and the ladies of the HBO series 'Sex In The City'.
The more popular the shoes become, the more the average women wants to wear them. And the more they need to know how to properly walk in them. Actresses spend their day walking from an interview chair to a limo outside the door. The average woman spends her day walking to the coffee machine, copier and the local bistro on the corner for lunch.
For the average woman, learning how to 'Strut About' in a good pair of Stilettos is important not only for the look, but for the health of her feet and legs as well.
Gather Together:
· A proper fitted shoe
· Strong leg and posterior muscles
· A good sense of balance
Step 1:
Many women insist the proper way to walk in Stilettos is to walk on the ball of the feet and never touch the heel to the ground. Others say this is the proper way because it maintains the health of the shoe's heel. But from a healthy foot perspective this is definitely the WRONG way to walk in stilettos.
Walking in Stilettos is really no different than walking barefoot. The heel goes down first and you quickly roll forward onto the ball of your feet at the toes. Because of this it's extremely important to pick a well fitted shoe with a sturdy heel. The last thing you want to do is step down and break the heel of your sexy shoes.
Step 2:
When you first stand on your new Stilettos you'll notice the calf and ankle muscles tighten. Standing with your feet hip width apart for a few moments you'll begin to feel the tightening of the posterior muscles and a tightening of the stomach muscles. It's this new use of these muscles that cause a woman to change her gate from a walk to a hip swinging strut.
Walking in Stilettos requires 2 main changes to a woman's gate. The first is a shorter stride. This helps you maintain your balance, while also helping you to place the heel of your shoe flat on the walking surface. Stepping to wide will cause you to step down at an severe angle on the bottom of the heel causing strain on the shaft and connection point of the heel to the sole.
Step 3:
As you step forward, your weight should shift slightly to the planted foot (the one you left behind). Doing this is what gives the hip swing and also helps you to maintain your balance. If you're not swinging your hips when you walk in Stilettos, you're not walking properly to maintain both your balance, and the health of your shoe. So swing those hips girls!
Wait until your foot has been fully planted before you raise your back foot to continue your stride. As you push forward quickly roll you weight to the ball of your forward foot. The less time you spend on your heel, the better for your shoe, your back and your feet.
Imagine yourself walking on a tight rope. Walk straight and tall, with tiny steps, heels planted, and allowing your hips to move first.
Additional Tips:
· It's important to practice your walk before you leave your house. Don't just walk around in your shoes getting ready. Spend a few hours in your shoes the day before you're scheduled to wear them out. Practice the short gate, swinging your hips and learn what you're in for.
· Just as important as practice is making sure you have a shoe that truly fits your foot. Don't buy a pair of shoes that pinch your toes. You're going to need them to help you keep your balance. Don't pick a pair that are too short or too long. This will affect your balance as well.
Be Careful:
· It isn't easy walking Stilettos. Losing your balance can cause you to sprain an ankle and even break a leg. You are putting all your weight onto a tiny thin heel. Missing that step can cause you to put all that weight onto a bone or joint and cause serious damage. PRACTICE is the key.
· It cannot be emphasized enough - DON'T WALK ON THE BALLS OF YOUR TOES FIRST. The point to Stilettos is the change in gate that causes a woman to swing her hips. Swing your hips first and walk on the heel!
Created: 05.21.2009       Updated: 05.21.2009
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