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How To Sooth Toothache Pain
There's nothing worse than having a toothache. But do you have to suffer all night waiting to go to the dentist? Sometimes those old home remedies and folk medicines actually do work.
There are many reasons a tooth might start hurting and sometimes it has nothing to do with your tooth. Rather the roots of your tooth can be irritated by a sinus infection or ear infection. Sometimes problems with your jaw can cause sympathy pain in your teeth.
My grand mother had a remedy that has worked for my family through an entire century. And it just might work for you. If your tooth stops aching, then it might have been caused by one of these other problems. If it doesn't, this solution might help you sooth your ache until you can get to your dentist.
Gather Together:
· 1 juice glass or coffee cup
· 1 tablespoon of sea salt
· Hot Water
Step 1:
You can use very hot water from your tap. Or heat up some water through your coffee maker. You want your water hot, but not boiling or too hot to drink.
Step 2:
Fill a juice glass or coffee cup 1/2 full of hot water. Add the sea salt and stir so it dissolves.
Step 3:
Drink (but don't swallow) a mouth full of the salt water and swish it around in your entire mouth for about 20 to 30 seconds. Spit that portion out in your sink.
Step 4:
Repeat this process, but focus the water on the tooth area that's causing pain. Do this until all the salt water is gone.
Step 5:
Do not drink anything for at least 30minutes after this process. This will allow the salt to do its job.
Additional Tips:
Brush your teeth before you use this rinse to ensure you gums and teeth are clean of most bacteria in your mouth.
Be Careful:
It's very important that the water is warm, but not boiling. Be very careful heating up the water so you don't burn your mouth.
Created: 03.30.2009       Updated: 03.30.2009
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