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How To Make Prop Glass
Everyone has seen an actor smash a bottle against their head, or crash through a plate glass window and come out unscathed. These glass props are not glass at all, they're sugar glass. It's easy to make and can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes.
It can be used in more things than just props too. We use it to make windows in the holiday Yule houses.
Gather Together:
· 3 c. sugar
· 1 c. water
· 1 c. white corn syrup
· Shortening to greese the pan
· 1 tbsp. flavoring--extract
· Food coloring
Step 1:
Combine sugar, water and syrup into heavy saucepan. Set candy thermometer on pan. Stir constantly. When candy thermometer reaches 300 degrees (hard crack), add in the flavoring and food coloring (only a few drops).
Step 2: Stir in and immediately pour into buttered 9x12 inch or larger pan.
Step 3:
Let stand. Mixture will harden. Don't worry too much about the bubbles, they will slowly fade away as it hardens.
Additional Tips:
· Butter will give the glass a slightly yellow tint. You can use Shortening to avoid this.
Be Careful:
· Prop glass can still be dangerous and cause injuries. It's important to be very careful when using it.
Created: 03.21.2009       Updated: 03.21.2009
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