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Welcometo Carey Heritage & Genealogy.
David & Eva Carey - 1950sWhat you will find here are stories of our Carey/Holland ancestors covering the past centuries. You will find family lineage, a few stories, history and as many of our families recipes as we can collect them. Along with our cHow We Do It, those little crafts and projects that a family passes down from one generation to the next.
Genealogy research is a fascinating and exciting hobby. But it can't be accomplished without the help of others. It is with great appreciation that I acknowledge the dozens of family members who have shared their personal family information so generously. The information contained in these pages is the result of the work of many people over the span of many decades, which, along with my own research, I have compiled over the last several years.
Our family tree is an on-going project and we are open to and welcome all additions and/or corrections. Just send an email through our Contact page and we'll get back to you.
Our search for ancestors currently covers,
These Locations:
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri.
These Surnames:
Alexander, Anderson, Andrews, Ballard, Beyerle, Bilderback, Bolinger, Brown, Carey, Closs, Dietrich, Dix, Douglass, Dugger, Ebeling, Engle, Frikes, Gah, Hall, Hart, Heard, Hatridge/Hardwitch/Hardwick, Henderson, Hix (Hicks), Holland, Hartsell, Hoth, Hubble, Humberstone, Ingram, Jackson, Johnson, Koester, Loesche, Martin, Mansker, McDaniel, Morris (NC/TN), Morris (MO), Muller, Nelson, Preston, Primmer, Saur, Scarborough, Schaefering, Stewart, Strihl, Sturm (Storm), Tharp, Twellman, Waldman, Washington, Webb

Our Family Genealogy:
  Carey, Holland, Stoots Genealogy
A complete Surname Index listing of our family tree and the current information about each person in the list.
  Family Recipes
Remember those recipes from your Grandmother? So do we and we decided to capture those special family recipes and share them with our family throughout the country. .
  Family Photo Album
In the digital age it has become so much easier to share memories and events with family across the country and even the world.
cHow We Do It
All the little things you pick up from your family, but never think to write down. Passed down through generations for little things like How to conduct your own Genealogy research, or Harvest Acorns, how to build a candy house for Christmas or even something silly like how to walk in stilettos.
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Search the Genealogy, Recipe and cHow sections of this site.
Family Genealogy:
  Hartsell Genealogy - My mother-in-law's website
My mother in laws website for the Hartsells and Lisenbys of the Carolinas.

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